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This picture was taken in nakuru kenya outside my mother's kitchen.. We had just finished cleaning for the day. the house was a little dusty. we were cleansing. My mother always on my left. Always giving orders, you can't throw away this or that without her approval. Then we gave them all away. to neighbours and friends .Luggage she had been saving around since before i was born. We sifted through them one by one but we kept all her jewels. It is hard for her to be as organised as she once was. She is in her 50s and has a been diagnosed with mind illness. She was always 1st to wake up to prepare for breakfast. the best memories i have are with mum during breakfast. we didn't talk much but we eat together. She loves to cook in the morning. it is her joy. So is mine. so we cooked and we dined each other. I wanted to ask her what happened to you mama. the truth. But instead we planned what's for lunch and cooked and we cleaned slap slap brush all through the summer. After lunch we cleaned the kitchen. We had to. It was falling apart. It was a cleansing.Our half brother came to help we were dancing and scrubbing and chipping away, We put a fresh touch of paint on the shelves and cupboards . Meanwhile mum sat and bathed in the sun, watching the birds. You see my mama laughs when birds fly She says they are speak to her and they tell her things, All i know is . She laughs and laughs as the birds are flying through the trees and rustling the leaves. One night for dinner we eat outside . we made a bonfire.Ugali mbuzi choma and some salsa. my brothers and i talked all night. Mum was in the living room sleeping or probably listening to our conversation. I stayed up till 3am. My brother didn't sleep. He painted my mums bedroom. you see she had started sleeping in the living room. We hooked her up. . The next morning i found this umbrella and we took a picture of my mother's kitchen. I didn't want to ask too many questions. i wanted to enjoy my mama. But i should have asked her, mama what happened to the tapes you recorded, Your songs your music. We searched the entire house. They had fanished. She used to sing on Tv you know. Back in the day. she was doing it. Making records and her own clothes every sunday live on the Sunday Glory Afternoon Show KBC. She still sings. My mama never stopped singing. She would sit like this outside her kitchen with an umbrella bathing the sun and whistling to the birds. composing her songs watching birds showing her how to fly. We all laugh about it sometimes. She always tried to makes us laugh. But the bible always on her side The kitchen was our solace. We had many terrible memories to share in this place but we have love for eachother. This is my Mother's Kitchen. Black life. Kenya June 2016

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