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Have you become so flustered because it seems it doesn't matter how hard you try you can't seem to get out if the rut your in? Ex. A financial situation, a unhealthy relationship, a job you can't stand to name just a few. Why does this happen? Well something I have learned over time is the past is the past PERIOD! It happened , Its done and there is no way you can re-write it! So spending your days wondering what if I had done this differently would have changed the outcome is seriously a waste of precious time and energy and trust me will drain the energy right out of you! If you really want a better Life you need to begin by first doing these things! 1) Make peace with your past! Forgive yourself and forgive others ! 2) Say Goodbye to your Past , let it Go . You have been visiting long enough time to pack your bags and walk out the door! Lock the door and Throw away the key !!! 3) Spend time with Yourself! Go look in a mirror and say Hello its nice to meet you. Seek out what it is you like and would want to do! Not what others think would be best for you what You want to do. What has been a passion or dream you just haven't taken the time to Do and Do IT! 4) Pay attention to your surroundings, do they make you feel better or bring you down? Maybe its time to make changes. 5) Get out and meet New People , Volunteer for a organization. 6) Surround yourself with people who lift you up not tear you down! Guess what if you will master these 6 things it will be the beginning of a New Book! Quit trying to Re-write the Past you don't live there anymore. Your Future is Now and its Bright ! What will your 1st chapter be about? #cajunfirecracker #inspiration #FreeToEdit <br>#remixit

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