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Time Chapter 1 Part ? (Idk why I even bother anymore honestly πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) C H R I S T I N E Cat Noir used his baton and flew upwards. I copied his movements. We flew around for awhile, trying to see if anyone would notice. I saw a tiny Alya point at us in the distance. Marinette looked confused. She then quietly went back inside. Cat Noir was looking he other direction when I saw Ladybug emerge out of one of the windows. I gasped. Could Marinette be Ladybug? I nudged Cat Noir and told him Ladybug was by the bakery. He smiled giddily and we flew to the ground in front of her. "Hi M'lady!" He said and bowed. She rolled her eyes. "Hi Ladybug." I said shyly. "Meet our newest parter, Femelle Cat Noir!" Cat Noir announced proudly. Ladybug looked at me suspiciously. "Femelle Cat Noir?" She said. "That sounds sketchy." She said flatly. "Well, my kwami told me her brother was Cat Noir's kwami." I said timidly. Cat Noir beamed with pride. "I didn't know Plagg had a sister!" He exclaimed. "Haha yeah Blagg is a little chatterbox it seems." I laughed. "Blagg? Really? Blagg and Plagg. Wow." Ladybug rolled her eyes. I could tell she was a little sad underneath the thick mask of irritation. "Ladybug, what's wrong?" I asked her. She sighed. "Sorry for asking, but c-can I trust you? After Volpina, I only trust Cat Noir." She said seeming as if she was on the verge of tears. "Of course you can trust me! Just tell me what I need to do to prove myself." I said, surprised. Where was this new sense of bravery coming from? She smiled. "You've already proven yourself to me. You remind me a lot of me. When I'm hiding behind this mask, I seem brave and intimidating, but in real life, I'm just a clumsy, and, awkward human being." She said quietly. I hugged her. Cat Noir stood there, stunned at this. "Wait, let me get this straight: Ladybug, you're not brave in real life?" He asked confused. She shook her head. "It's not that I'm not brave, I'm just not, Ladybug I guess. Without a mask to hide behind, everyone knows me. Well, not everyone. I'm not exactly popular. Without a mask to hide behind, I'm vulnerable." She said quietly. Then it was Cat Noir's turn to hug her. "No matter what you may be like in real life, I think you're PURRfect." He said sincerely. She laughed at his lame pun. "Thanks." She smiled. I sighed happily. "You two would make an adorable couple!" I said, sounding like a fangirl. They looked at me, one with giddiness and one with annoyance. I laughed. "I can tell one of you isn't exactly thrilled with that idea." I joked. They looked at each other then looked away. Aww! "I should probably leavβ€”" I said before I got cut off by the sound of a car crashing. I started running toward the sound. Ladybug and Cat Noir followed suit. M A R I N E T T E We ran and ran, but we couldn't find any crashed car! Femelle Cat Noir halted and we skidded to a stop. There was a huge villain standing in front of us! He looked like a transformer, kind of. Cat Noir threw his baton at it and I shook my head. The villain grabbed the baton and threw it over the buildings. "You guys fend it off, I'll go retrieve the baton!" I shouted as I started swinging away. Where is it? I finally found it hiding in a dark alleyway. I ran back to fight with the Cats. "Here ya go Cat Noir. Don't make any more stupid moves." I said as I handed him his weapon. He nodded gratefully and continued to fend him off.

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