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Here is ma entry @ragingwolfart ! (Ps sorry the drawing is messy! I drew it on the bus and i just colored it!)) Name: Ryuu Gender:Male Age (in human years): 19 years Species : no one fucking knows Personality: tsundere, weird, can warm up to people and not be an ass, & sassy as fuck Likes: rainy days, food, drinking, and sleeping Dislikes: sunny days, idiotic questions, and having to acutally work Sexuality: Bi-sexual Occupation: u choose Extra info: Travels from town to town, will settle or stay in one towns if you'd like :3 He can be shipped with anyone you want He drinks a lot....... Annnnnd, again, he is sassy as fuck 😏✨
Ooo he has a nice but simple design, it is really nice to look at! I can already imagine a place for him in the comic!

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