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so yesterday my boyfriend texted me and asked me to write him a story....I thought maybe he was using me. But he said he has people in his family who are publishers and he wants to publish a story that I write! I need ideas on what to write about... I started writing this story about how I met the greatest person on the internet, it starts off with how I first got internet addicted and I was gonna have it go in through all the internet friends I made and all the drama and friends I lost and up until I met someone amazing on the internet but I just don't know if it's a good idea. please help I need other ideas.
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i'm a joke tbh
It's okay to be inspired by a book/show/movie when it comes to the plot/theme
@magnum-chevy have you ever seen the animated short film called paperman? its from disney and I wrote a story like the short film but me and my boyfriend were the characters
i'm a joke tbh
Oo, I have. That's really cool.

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