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~NEW OC~ Pls draw him for me [IF UR NOT A FAN OF READING, THEN PROCEED WITH CAUTION] -=[BIO]=- Name: Pupet Age:(y do i even put this!?) Type: a human, a LEGIT human Power: he uses the strings on his finger to make his enemies his puppets Attitude: his the antagonist type ;) Likes: seing ppl he hates become the puppets they made him feel he was Dislikes: being "puppeted" around ~*Backstory*~ (and stuff) He was just a normal guy with a normal life and a normal job, infact, it was bis only job and his job was (u guessed it) a puppet maker... He was a little bit of a loner (by that i mean, he is one big loner) he never liked ppl disliking him (like anyone would want that) specialy when ppl teased him. He spends most of his time (by that i mean almost all of it) in making puppets, ppl tought it was weird, weird that he never comes out of his house, that its very rare to see him. But when he came out to sell all the puppets he worked hard for, everyone looked at him, silently, very very slowly some began to grin, and they laughed saying "oh this ridiculus man!" , "what kind of magic is controling him!? Selling those ugly puppets!" , "some doest even have strings!" , "put the strings on yourself wierdo!" He didnt know what to do he was disappointed, and mad at the same time, After that day he went home disappointed not knowing what to do.. So ..he watched TV (as a typical gu y would do) *news* "there will be a meteor shower in 3 days" =3 Days Later= *meteor shoer occuring* .at that time he was just getting for bed.... Until he eared a crash noise /bang/ uh /bshhhhh/, /booom!/ (watever...) he went out to check it then he saw a glowy thing (and as in any events like this) he touched it! He absored the power from the glowy thing he touched! .. Remembering the people he hate... He made a clothing (the one u see in my drawing ;) and tied string on his fingers and he realized what he could do with it and it became his powers... -from that day forward he was called "Pupet"- #ttm #puppet #blackandwhite #drawing #myart #nostealing #mydrawing
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