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¤ RANDOM QUESTION TAG (again) ¤ I got tagged by @angelgamerlove 1. What's your favorite movie? - Narnia💜✨ 2. If you could by an animal, which one would you pick? - Unicorn 🦄 3. Favorite drink? - Coffee & tea ☕ 4. If you could change your name what would you change it to? - Ariel 5. Manga or Anime? - I think manga 6. Ciel Phantomhive or Alois Trancy? - Ciel Phantomhive 💙 7. Dogs or cats? - Dogs 🐶 8. One movie you absolutely hate? - I don't know 9. One cheesy movie that you absolutely adore? - Beauty and the Beast 💕 10. Lasagna or Spagetti? - Spagetti 🍝 11. Favorite day? - Don't have 12. Any memory - About a year ago I became addicted to Death Note to a friend of mine (does this count how memory?) 🍎 I'll tag: @zahoura2001 @lenerdac_reloaded @anjo_o @kissblood @golden_cherrys @ryuko-san @megane_moustache @ryuu-zaki @anime_world_tour @crazyanimegirl-1021 @anime1909 @vocaloid_oliver #manga #boys #kids #cute #funny
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真面目 (majime)
7. Dogs or cats? 8. One movie you absolutely hate? 9. One cheesy movie that you absolutely adore? 10. Lasagna or Spagetti? 11. Favorite day? 12. Any memory
Ꮎℓℐℐ .・。・* Ꮖѕυкιуαмα☽
Thx for the tag! 💕💕❁ @4yllin
You are welcome to my account.🌼
@4yllin Gracias amiga por etiquetarme ,y te prometo que lo voy hacer las preguntas un día de estos 😊😉😙😘✌

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