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¤ RANDOM QUESTION TAG (again) ¤ I got tagged by @angelgamerlove 1. What's your favorite movie? - Narnia💜✨ 2. If you could by an animal, which one would you pick? - Unicorn 🦄 3. Favorite drink? - Coffee & tea ☕ 4. If you could change your name what would you change it to? - Ariel 5. Manga or Anime? - I think manga 6. Ciel Phantomhive or Alois Trancy? - Ciel Phantomhive 💙 7. Dogs or cats? - Dogs 🐶 8. One movie you absolutely hate? - I don't know 9. One cheesy movie that you absolutely adore? - Beauty and the Beast 💕 10. Lasagna or Spagetti? - Spagetti 🍝 11. Favorite day? - Don't have 12. Any memory - About a year ago I became addicted to Death Note to a friend of mine (does this count how memory?) 🍎 I'll tag: @zahoura2001 @lenerdac_reloaded @anjo_o @kissblood @golden_cherrys @ryuko-san @megane_moustache @ryuu-zaki @anime_world_tour @crazyanimegirl-1021 @anime1909 @vocaloid_oliver #manga #boys #kids #cute #funny
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♡ 死 ♡
7. Dogs or cats? 8. One movie you absolutely hate? 9. One cheesy movie that you absolutely adore? 10. Lasagna or Spagetti? 11. Favorite day? 12. Any memory
Ꮎℓℐℐ .・。・* Ꮖѕυкιуαмα☽
Thx for the tag! 💕💕❁ @4yllin
You are welcome to my account.🌼
@4yllin Gracias amiga por etiquetarme ,y te prometo que lo voy hacer las preguntas un día de estos 😊😉😙😘✌

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