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Is it counted as stress cos I'm taking icecream as a meal everyday? Kalau makan icecream ni salah satu dalam mutabaah amal, benda ni lah aku paling istiqomah sekali harhar. Icrecream craving even 2 scoops not enough. If I ever die not-yet diagnose lemme tell you its going to be diabetes mellitus type ii ! Its my life supplements everyday now. Today, in sleepiness I walked around aided by friend. Bought 2 icecreams from this lovely pakcik and his family. But as I was still sleep-walking and half-awake, one of my icecream fell to ground. Before I sigh a cry, this understanding friend bring me back to that pakcik again. I complaint of my fallen saddening icecream to him. And guess what? HE GAVE ME A FREE GREEN ICECREAM! I keep saying no oh no please no but he insisted "sedekah" he said. His daughter said, next time you come again and later pay double. And we all laughed. Hiks Its just an icecream story with one idiot obsession but hey.. my humanity restored! And mostly my tummy is happy! just another day, and more icecreams to eat next time

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