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This was a fanfic I was working on a while back. I abandon it in the summer then decided to bring it back today. Now, since I’m rewriting it. It’s no longer a fanfic. It’s just a regular story with my OCs. Here is the prologue! Enjoy! A mysterious girl wandered around an underground library searching for a particular healing spell. The girl looked up and down but she could not find anything. She looked over and spotted a light pillar with a book in it. The book was levitating in the energy force of the pillar. The girl approached the pillar of light and examined it. She placed her hand on the pillar and grabbed the book from beyond the energy. Then the sudden moment, the walls began to crumble and fall. Without the book in its place the library will come crashing down. The mysterious girl ran for her life with the book held tightly in her grip. She made it out safely without a scratch. The teenager looked back at the library then took off running to her home. The girl placed the book on her desk and began to read it. The pages were filled with numerous tasks of learning new healing spells. The only question is - was she really ready to start this quest? There was a long pause then she took a deep breath and agreed to the mission. Then the book asked the girl of her name so she can begin. "My name is Obsidian.” The book floated upwards and landed in Obsidian arms. Her mission has now begun. Everything she has vowed to must be done. Obsidian will now have to battle monsters of all sorts and restore the energies that have been lost with the healing spells. Obsidian slipped the book into her backpack then ran outside to complete the first task of her quest. -Art is not mine. That is just how I plan on designing Obsidian to look like. Obsidian belongs to, yours truly @naturecrystal. I am working on title but if you guys and gals have any suggestions please tell me!
Edgar Yadiel
@naturecrystal hey I really like your art good work.
Foolish Clod
@edgaryadiel24 thanks!
Edgar Yadiel
@naturecrystal no problem

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