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*sigh* ...I did all seven of them, guys. ALL. SEVEN. OF. THEM. ...I really need to stop with this "human Fnaf" thing, but I know I'm not going to stop. I literally can't. ...I think I'm gonna go do Bonnet and Lolbit. #sisterlocation #fivenightsatfreddys #manireallyneedtostop ...I feel like Funtime Foxy is the type of person who would hold all their anger in, and then just explodes after being asked, "so wait, are you a guy or a girl?" so many times from a select few people who don't understand. People who open up asking said question multiple times.... I also feel that this outburst of anger would probably be directed at some kids stupid mom complaining about how F.F. should just "decide on one gender and get on with it" or something, only for F.F. to be stopped and led away by Freddy and Bon-Bon so that everyone else could cover for them before it got... well... "ugly," if you will...
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I'm Not Gone. Just... Moved.
@ylangy Hmm... Ill have to try that out!
I'm Not Gone. Just... Moved.
@kevintheunitato YUS! I LOVE ENNARD! ❤️💜

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