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Alrighty... so my friend asked meh to do this... @aesopschannel <- that...thats her... :T c: So you have to pick one or ask someone to pick one for you and then draw it. The next post is the one that i drew... i did 4G. She asked meh to do that and i asked her to do dat! So... yeah. You can tag people if ya want! @jellydonutgirl @priswolfheart314 @brightwolfheart4 @electrospoopybean @aesopschannel @djpanda567 @danny_the_cheetah @EVERYONE!!! C: yeah.. pretty much everyone! #FreeToEdit Btw... This is like a good warm up thing and ill have you gang another style and ill help you learn some different positions!<br>#remixit
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(* ’ w `*) Waffles
@foxy_the_pirate15 lol... I thought 4G WAS HALARIOUS!
(* ’ w `*) Waffles
@kevintheunitato oki

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