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**frick's image

A few peeps have asked me if i left so i just making it clear that i haven't, i always do this thing where i'm very active for 2-5 days and then just die for a week Also i'm really not in a good situation right now (family stuff and other personal things i won't get into) and haven't really been on the mood of drawing or necessarily socializing online?? I feel like such an attention whore lmao but yeah it's been hard but i'm fine This is probably not the best time to post this since everyone must be sleeping (it's 4:30 am and tomorrow's the first day of classes for me. nice) Anyways i'll get back to drawing and shit soon, meanwhile enjoy some cacti, their names are Lewis and Matilda
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✞ sad ghost and they're ukulele ✞
Im glad you arent dead tho ;3;
@fangirlingdraco Thank you, it hasn't even been 24 hours since i posted this but i'm feeling better and it's nice to talk to yall @deathhouse i'm glad you're not dead either (a little ironic, considering your new username)
Lewis and Matilda are so pretty *~*

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