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I drew my child yui! I don't draw him a lot but he's my zombie boy, from my own apocalypse story! He bleeds black and he is a zombie- BUT these kinds of zombies can think like a human, they prefer to eat humans but they can eat cows if they wanted. But sadly these zombies are hard to come by since once someone finds there inhuman 'part' they are killed or put into cages and turned into brainless weapons. So there inhuman parts are places where the infection are visible. Yui has it on his half of his face and neck, its.not as much half of his face its closer to his ear but around his jaw. He then has it in his eye and arm, so he wears a eye patch, the eye is similar in color why's to a ghouls eye? Except 5 red rings and the rest is black. He covers his arm in a bandage and currently has a group of hunters after him. So yui is karmas brother, karma was adopted. He was born in Russia with his mother, and his father had died before he was born. One day his mother had a important business trip and left to England and he stayed at one of his mothers friends houses for a week and a half.. When his mother came home she had brought home a older boy with white hair. He looked like the sort of kid to cry over my chemical romance, befuase they broke up. Now at that time Yui was a girl YUP yui is a trans and a flaming gay! He has a awesome boyfriend, who he met while wondering a round during the apocalypse... Lol. He is a werewolf ofc, his name is klous and he's just a crazy puppy boy. Karma ended up loosing yui when the building they where in duringnthe apocalypse first light. It had fell on them ;( Karma ofc getting crushed in the prosees but not off before getting infected by breathing in the air that had the virus, because it just so happened to be air born. Yui was sick back when they where in the building because he had went outside. Their mom hasent been seen at all and yui wondered off. Not remembering much and having the sudden hunger for the unthinkable. Karma had wondered off and terrorizing the living. Ofc. Yui met klous, yui refuses to eat because he's a dramatic anime character now. XD karma is completely fine with idea of blood and thinks its natural and fine. Plus he loves it. The little twatty nut. So ye... This picture is him of his happiest time :) I'll draw karma later. If you guys are interested in my freak show family or the apocalypse then comment down and I can show you more about them! I was planning on making it a comic, but first I'll write the story if guys are interested in reading it! I forgot what else I wanted to say so I'll see myself out now!

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