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#freetoedit<br>Some Busch Gardens Williamsburg info because I'm bored 7th best theme park in the world 7 main rollercoasters (Griffin, Alpengiest, Verbolten, InvadR, Apollo's Chariot, Loch Ness Monster, and Tempesto) Europe (IS MY CITY) themed, with England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Italy, Festia Italy, Germany, Oktoberfest, and New France (which is really Canada) Apollo's Chariot - goes far behind the park and through the trees - 205 foot drop - longest coaster there !favorite so far! Loch Ness Monester: - Oldest coaster there - 2 loops that go around each other - this one worker likes to turn off the automated speaker and say the words himself, and sends you off saying "on thE LEGANDAARY LOCH NESS MONSTEEER!" Griffin - 90° straight down droooop - ya get wet - 3 rows of 9 people !haven't been yet! Alpengiest - upside down and fast and drops and spook - spooook !haven't been yet! Verbolten - black forest themed - fast - in the dark/inside sometimes Tempesto - loopy loopy twirly loopy - corkscrew spins - vomit yaaaay !haven't been yet! InvadR - new - wood + steel hybrid - viking themed - one of the ladies working there always said "BYEEEE" whenever she sent a car out Other notable rides - Escape from Pompeii (fire + spook then a drop into wet) ["HOLA JESUS!"] - Le Scoot (log flume) - Skyride (pretty transportation) - Trade Winds (super fast and in a circle) - Battering Ram - Der Wirbelwind (huge swings) - Roman Rapids (white water rapids) I plan to go on every single rollercoaster at the park tomorrow, with 4 of my friends in tow, possibly get one of the "7x the thrills!" merch at one of the shops. It's cheesy but who cares.<br>#remixit
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what the heck mr noodle
@takemetoneverlandx Nah that's Tempesto, Apollo's Chariot doesn't go backwards
Phoenix Holmes
Oh ok th3n I did do the chariot
Phoenix Holmes
I did all coasters but the backwards one

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