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@takemetoneverlandx it's just that my mum and I had another argument with my dad a few nights ago and he ended up shouting at her in the street.. It was horrible It's a long story but the point basically is that my father is such an absolute ( *insert long tirade of negative adjectives*). I know its bad to say that but to me, he was never my dad. Yes, maybe he is biologically related to me, but he isn't real family, and neither are any of his relatives. When i was younger, i always used to wonder why my parents got divorced but now I understand perfectly. But then again I know that it's stupid to feel upset about it cuz loads of people have it way worse than me and I should be grateful for what I have. I promised myself that I wouldn't let my feelings get to me but sometimes it just gets so hard to fight on and I want to give up so badly...but I cant. Anyway, school starts tomorrow...😶😶😶 hopefully that will be able to take my mind off it
I'm sorry Stay strong love (Feel free to punch him though) School might help I hope it does Things will get better I love ya
(/. ./) (\. .\)
@takemetoneverlandx thanks (XD I think I might)

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