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my jennie edit requested by the lovely @kookie_kpop09 !!! ily boo thanks for requesting an edit! I really appreciate it!💖😘😚

join my contest before May 10th! <3

i want to thank all of my supporters out there. There are so many to remember, and i know i cant tag all of them, but thanks to @kpopemotions and @chimmy__ for always being there to support me in all of my work, they are such amazing friends that i couldnt live without. You guys mean so much to me and whatever happens we’ll do it together <3 remember, youve got the best of me, and take my hands now, because you really are the cause of my euphoria.

and another thanks to @steyi for supporting me and making sure i always post an edit and making sure it looks perfect!

and thanks for all of the AMAZING icons made for me by @pasteljin !!!💖

💫requests open💫

•sticker credit•

//jennie, flower, and crown are not mine//

~watermark design by @steyi ~
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