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buckybarnes natasharomanoff Image by fan.

~Blood is seeping through the ceiling
Nightmares are slowly creeping
Memories flash before my eyes
My lack of sleep is no surprise
I feel the guilt pulsing through my veins
It blocks out every light and blood is rolling down my window panes
My breath is quick, my heart will not slow
As they do every night, the tears begin to flow
I’m slamming into walls, I’m cutting with my knife
Although I know I can’t feel as much pain as those who lost their life. ~ Just a little poem about a character in a book I’m writing!! She is an ex-assasin. I Hope you like it! It also fits a lot of my precious problematic faves #buckybarnes #natasharomanoff #lokilaufeyson #kyloren #katnisseverdeen #peetamellark #finnickodair forgive me I know I forgot a lot of them. So um yeeaaah! #art #sketch #drawing #poem #depression #broken