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lol oof photography Image by queen midas

WELL I HAVE HAD A DAY. I'm in Illinois visiting my fam. It's overwhelming, but I'm familiar with my family giving me this irritable and anxious feeling. If you knew my family, you'd get it. I came out to my grandma today, and she took it well. She actually accepted me and said she was fine with it, unlike my parents. Lol so we went to go eat ice cream at that one place right next to where the Lincoln- Douglas Debate went down, it's pretty cool since we were just learning about that in history class. So I forgot my purse there, and we had to go back and get it, all the while my mom was screaming at me, calling me stupid, irresponsible, and cussing at me. I got there on time so it wasn't stolen so that's cool I guess. And I found out today that I'm related to a queen, so that's neat.
#freetoedit #lol #oof #photography