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launchit 「LAUNCH IT」 » w i n n e r s Image by mari 강

» w i n n e r s «
@jeonsnow your edit was so beautiful!! we really love the way you used the stickers and the colors work so well together!! overall it was a very pretty edit and congrats for taking first!!
@mytaetae_ we love!! the colors you used in this edit! and the stickers look so cute the way you placed them! + the back story added so much creativity to the edit!
@mintyoongii_ this edit is so pretty!! we love the effect it gives with the black outline and the background details are soo cool!!

and of course, thank you to everyone who participated!! all of your edits were amazing!! it was so fun to see all the creative things you were able to produce for this challenge 💕💕
#jkplanetproject #launchit