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bangtanseonyeondan bangtanboys Image by c a h

from: Cassia
for: BTS
"I was just another normal girl, my life was not very funny ... it was just another life .... Until one day, one fine day I met you, aaah, after that day everything changed...In a short time I started to research everything about you, know a little of each one, their names, their personalities and even decorate each member, which was a long walk but I admit that today I feel proud for this ...
From that day my life changed, and a lot, you taught me many things: always following your dreams and never giving up were some.
In the difficult moments you gave me the strength that I needed to continue .... You do not really know how grateful I am to all of you, and in return I promise to take you in my heart, forever
I really can not hide the size of my love for all of you, which make me laugh, and cry too, but with you I'm very happy.
I admit that one of my big dreams is to meet them, and even if people discourage me and it's difficult, I still have hope. And if it never happens, it does not matter, because anyway we'll be united forever!
And even if they say that there is no perfect human in this fucking world, for me there is, and it's you, the human beings that I love the most in this world ...
If you are sad, remember that I will be here, supporting you and always cheering for you ....
And now the end ... And if it's all over? Dude ... I really did not want this to happen, but unfortunately everything has an end, a damn ending, I wanted it to be forever ... But even knowing that one day everything will end and that only memories will remain ... It will be horrible, you know, you wake up and face this news, you would cry and remember all those smiles that made you happy every day ... And even if that happens , for me you will always be kept in my heart, as best friends"
And finally ... Thank you very much for everything!

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