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legendsonly!!" - taeilnct Image by ✰ωє gσ υρ✰

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TAEIL!! ✨✨i love you so so so so much💞 i really hope you got to rest and you were made as happy as you make us nctzens💓💗💓


i was inspired by this bub to write another headcanon/scenario. i like writing these and i hope you guys like them too✨✨ anyways...

dating taeil would include:
becoming a mother/father figure in nct, especially with the dreamies
- "nA. jAe.MiN! don't shove donghyuck like that!¡¡!!"
but also joining in with some of the younger members antics
- *laughs in dolphin with chenle as you chenle, and taeil set up a prank for mark*
him always taking care of you
- he is the proud founder and head of the y/n protection squad
- but seriously this bub is super caring and he always wants to see you smiling and happy and healthy
he loves making you smile and he would frequently do his owl impression or his cheerleader dance to try to see that smile which he absolutely adores
- "Y/N!! guess what I am! OOOooOO OooOo!"
- *cheerleader dances to black on black*
you find his voice very soothing so you ask him to sing you to sleep when you have trouble falling asleep
- but when he is visibly exhausted
you opt to sing him to sleep and he loves when you do because (no matter your singing ability) he just loves the fact that you care enough to stay up and try to sing for him
daily good night texts when he's away on tour
- i love you so much y/n and i wish i were with you now so i could hold you and tell you good night 💞
teaches you some chords and songs on the guitar
- lowkey uses it as an excuse to give you back hugs when he's showing you where to place your fingers (but he ain't slick)
listening to music together is one of you guys' favorite things to do together
- like you guys would often lay on the couch or stroll throughout the park, share a pair of earbuds, and listen to your favorite songs
- but you guys would also listen to nct's music and you would always hype up this humble bub
- "woah taeil, that highnote! #legendsonly !!"
- which results in him blushing and getting really shy
ballad battles (lol)
- which are spontaneous singing competitions you guys have in the dorm where you guys sing along to your favorite ballads at the top of your lungs. kinda like karaoke but to the death (i'm just kidding, the only that dies is the losers pride jkjk)
- you always end up singing because of you
- "aPaDo GwAeNcHaNhAaAaA!!¡!¡"
- but you always end up losing to taeil after he sings that high note in without you
classic and really romantic dates
- like going on a spring picnic or to a quaint, intimate restaurant for dinner
but also more laid-back dates
- like bowling
- or karaoke and clubbing dates
- or going to a concert (coldplay ;))))
- which usually ended in a calming walk around the city
movie dates were definitely a favorite though
- lots of movie dates
- Whether it be watching a movie at the theater or at home
- but these dates usually just turn into you and taeil recreating movie scenes and doing impressions of the dramatic parts
- (just think of that vlive where taeil and johnny are acting and try to recreate a drama scene lol)
taking silly polaroids together
- "y/n...take a picture of me like one of your french girls" *proceeds to awkwardly lay down*
- you guys even have a polaroid wall together of all of those cute, funny, and meme-worthy moments

dating taeil would ultimately include dating someone who takes care of you and truly values your happiness. Someone who makes you happy and stays by your side through thick and thin 💞

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(i'm so happy it finally posted! i've been trying to upload this for a while but picsart has been acting up on my phone lately. but i'm honestly just glad it posted ✨)