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hurricane school interesting ily Image by jay ☆

hello! this is jay and this is just a quick update of why im not online as often. there are two reasons why i'm always offline. so basically, school has started quite a while ago so you know what that means... homework!!! (yayyyy...) it's been pretty stressful lately so i had to go offline to focus a bit more. it's not really helping because my anxiety is just like "lol bitch they hate you" so thats kind of why im updating. another reason why im not online is because a hurricane is going to hit tomorrow. its a category five so my family and i have been making sure we have everything all week. ill probably not be online again for another few weeks. i hope you all understand. now, may i ask for your prayers and love, we really need it. thank you for reading and i love you all so much. thank you. ♡ #hurricane #school #interesting #ily #offline #seeyousoon #thankyou #freetoedit