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jin happyjinday bts Image by g g u k

#freetoedit HAPPY BIRTHDAY KING‼️🤩
Ok wow !
Your honestly a big ro-model for a lot of people out there and I want to say thank you for that<3
I see that you try to make the other members laugh and make them happy which is really an amazing thing to do 💜
You’ve worked so hard for everything you have right now and even though you have so much things, your still a humble king 🤩
I love you for so many reasons,you don’t understand🤧 Even though you didn’t know how to dance or sing when you joined bighit, you tried and overally suceeded💜
Thank you for the love you give us and the love you give your members :,)
It feels like your turning 6 but yet your really mature and silly at the same time 🤪
Army Loves you lots 💜
(I’m sorry i dont know how to right a sentemental paragraph sksksk)
But ik this sucks and im late sorry :/

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