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kimtaehyung btsv bts red Image by —isra; inactive;

Merry early X-Mas y'all💋
Profilepic edit for @pasteltaehyungg 💕 I hope you like it boo💕 She asked me per private chat, send me the theme, idol and the name she wanted and I made it for her!♡

Want also a one? Text me!♡
(Can also be a youtubechannelbanner, complex edit, cover arts for Facebook, Twitter etc. All informations are on "Request open" post ♡)

Theme:// christmas | pastel red
Made by :// camilagrande on picsart [me uwu]
Idol:// Kim Taehyung (V)
Fandom:// ARMY [Bangtanboys | BTS]

Hastags :: #kpopedit #kimtaehyung #btsv #bts #red #pastel #christmas #profilepic #edit

Lemme know in the comments👆if u like it or not, like and subscribe [ @camilagrandeuniverse ] for more edits!
Stay tuned!♡

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