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btsff chapter four “y/n it’s really none Image by jun

chapter four

“y/n it’s really none of your concern. dont worry about us.” taehyung said, budding in. yoongi glared once more.
“okay whatever... im going to my room.” i waved and left. are they lying to me? im eventually gonna find out anyways...

•yoongi’s pov•
i watched y/n walk to her room without looking back at us.
“you seriously told her it’s none of her concern? are you crazy?” i almost shouted to taehyung.
“you like her too, hyung.” taehyung said,” you dont want me to tell her, do you?” i shot another glare, but colder.
“hey, its not my fault our group split up. y/n...she was the one who brought us together and kept us together, until you took her and ran!” taehyung shot. i stood up from the couch.
“and its not MY fault you guys faught after,” i said.
taehyung took a step towards me, looking ready to go at me,” actually it was. taking her away from us? that was the problem hyung. why we all split.”
“you know what, i give up. get out of my apartment, now !” i shouted. taehyung turned and left wothout saying another word. i sighed and turned to towards y/n’s room. there she was standing there.
“yes, i heard everything.” she started in her soft voice,” i thought you took me with you because everyone else was fighting.. but you took me because you wanted me all to yourself?”
“no..y/n. its not because of that.” i said trying to reach for her hand. she backed away.
“well it sounded exactly like that. all because of your jealousy? ” she looked away and ran out of the door.
“i was afraid you were going to leave me...im sure you are going to soon anyways..” i mumbled, but she already left.

•y/n’s pov•
“taehyung-ah! where did you go!” i shouted as i walked through the park,” taehyung-ah we need to talk!”
i look around once more, spotting a tall figure resting on a bench. it was taehyung. i ran over to him and sat down.
“hey y/n.” he sighed.
“you okay?” i asked. he shook his head.
“not really. still mad at yoongi.” he said.
“do you mind explaining to me what happened and why the group split after we left?” he nodded.
“everyone is the group liked you basically, including me and yoongi. at the time yoongi became jealous since you both were best friends before. he took you away from us and told us to stop hanging out with you. after you both left, jimin and jungkook decided to look for you so they left. it was just me, namjoon, hoseok, and jin. until we gave up and went out own ways..” taehyung finished. i looked at my feet. it was all because of me.
“im sorry..” i said softly.
“dont be.. it’s our fault that we fell in love with the sweetest girl in the world.” he chuckled and kissed my forehead.
“just promise me this tae-ah,” i started,” you and yoongi are gonna forgive each other for arguing and then we’re going to find everyone else.”
taehyung nodded. i smiled.
“i promise.”

hello! i dont even know what i doing anymore oof. pure cringe.

i hope you liked it? even though you probably hated it, lol. byeee~
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