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Hi! I want to tell you about Image by Flute forever

#freetoeditHi ! I want to tell you about myself.
At my profile picture, I almost wrote them
all in korean, so this time I am going to do
both. Also, I am South Korean!!!
여러분 안녕하세요^^ 이번엔 자기소개를 해볼게요. 이번에는 2개의 언어로 소개 다합니다.
⛼AgeㅡI was born in 2008.
👦or👧? Girl.
여자, 남자? 여자.
⛼Animations you likeㅡ
Totoro, Your name, Shirayuki(Red haired
Snow white), How to train your dragon.
좋아하는 애니(만화)ㅡ토토로, 센과 치히로의 행방불명, 너의 이름은, 빨간머리 백설공주,
⛼Band you like?I don't have favourites.
좋아하는 밴드-딱히...(잡채같이 골고루 좋아함)
⛼Books you like ㅡharry Potter^^
Percy Jackson, Ever after high, Pippi,
Land of stories
좋아하는 책들ㅡ해리포터, 퍼시 잭슨, 에버 애프터 하이, 삐삐, 랜드 오브 스토리스
⛼Author you like? J.K. Rowling, Astrid lindgren, Rick riodan, Chris colfer, Roald Dahl
좋아하는 작가ㅡJ.K. 롤링, 아스트리드 린드그렌,릭 리오단, 크리스 콜퍼, 로알드달
⛼Language you are good at? Korean.
잘하는 언어? 영어
⛼Beach or Mountain? Beach.
바다, 아님 산? 바다.
⛼The record of how much you were waken without sleepingㅡ1am늦게 깨어있던 최고기록ㅡ새벽 1시
⛼Family numbers(including me)ㅡ5
가족 수(나 포함)ㅡ5
⛼Where do you live? 🇰🇷 South Korea🇰🇷
사는 곳? 남한
This is it! It's so long OMG It took me
hours (Just kidding) to type!!! Anyways, I
hope you know more than about me now!^^ @eunrachel
#remixed from @etherealynn