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hello y'all πŸ’• this is Image by I'm back ❇

hello y'all πŸ’•
this is my entry for @fatiy1317 's contest :)
I really hope you like it πŸ’•
I don't think I followed the rules, like I didn't add anything girly like you said, I swear I tried my best but my brain just-
sorry :(

if y'all don't already follow her then what are you doing-
seriously y'all should follow her (which I'm sure you already do haha) because she deserves all the love and support in the world like she's an amazing person and her edits are amazing too like ahndbabdbsbbd I love her so much-
sorry hehe πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

I haven't made a girl group edit since 727372 years shdnahdh sorry :(

I am so pissed off-
picsart keeps ruining the quality of the edits like ahsnabbnajsbahbsns-

am I the only one who's continuously getting attacked by comebacks and debuts?
oh it's just me ok ;-;

ok I want to ask y'all something that I can't decide on so please answer me and don't ignore me-
I make these kinda um drawings of some kpop idols, like I don't know how to explain how they look like I mean they're not that good but I was thinking of like sharing them with y'all but I'm not sure if I should post them or not??
I also don't want my account to look messed up, like I prefer it to be like only edits plus the colors in the drawings don't really fit, so it's gonna be a mess.
I thought of hiding them but then what's the point of posting them in the first place ajdnnabdnsndj-
I thought of making a seperate account for like only drawings which seems (or seemed) like the best option because nothing will look all messed up but I don't want to seperate my works plus I guess running 3 accounts is pretty hard??
(I take care of @/kookie_hope 's account)
like it won't be that hard because I enjoy it and everything but I won't be able to balance everything and stuff and it's much easier to keep everything in one place but it'll be a mess-
so um what should I do??
I'm really confused right now please help.
ok I shouldn't post them at all lol

that was pretty long sorry I need help ;-;

(sticker credits go to their owners and will be found in the sources thing) πŸ’•
one of the stickers is not showing but it belongs to @/multifandom_k-pop

have a nice day/night! πŸ’•
love y'all πŸ’•
#fatiygirlycontest #jennie #jennieblackpink #blackpink #kimjennie #kimjennieblackpink
#remixed from @maihetat