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rosesmemecontest meme memecontest Image by SepticSides

That's right my dudes I'm doing a meme contest 👌

•It can be an actual meme or it can be any other meme! Feel free to be creative with templates and such!
•Up to 3 entries! So meme wisely
•Do not steal memes (I'll most likely be able to tell so don't even try it) ((now I didn't say ideas sooo take that as you'd like))
•Tag me and use the hashtag #rosesmemecontest (ANY ENTRIES WITHOUT BOTH OF THESE WILL NOT COUNT)
•If you can, make your stuff fte so it's easier when I announce winners!

Deadline: I will be announcing winners July 15th so all entries are due the 14th

•Prizes will be announced on the last call post•

Have fun and meme away! Good luck to all!
#contest #meme #memecontest