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rapmonster rm Image by 𝓛 🤍 | #blm

[ s m i l e , t e l l m e y o u l o v e m e
l o o k a t m e , I t h r e w m y s e l f
a w a y ]

~ for anyone reading, I will open some requests soon so if you are interested ♥︎

~ a new wallpaper, feel free to use it ( i guess i’ll put this one as a #freetoedit even if I donmt really like doing that )

~ K i m N a m j o o n // R a p M o n s t e r // R M

~ photos from Pinterest, credits to their owners
Credits to the stickers’ rightful owners ( you can check in my ‘saved stickers’ album to find them )

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#fakelove #rapmonster #rm #fakelovebts #bts #kimnamjoon #namjoon #bluewallpaper #btswallpaper #kpopedit #aestheticattempt #김남준 #남준 #방탄소년단 #랩모인스터