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shawnmendes mendesarmy Image by ♡Jordan♡

Shawn edit bc he's amazing😊
Keep reading for info about my account for the next few weeks.....
So this might be my last edit for a while. On Monday I start my band camp and it's from 8am-6pm. That camp will last throughout Friday. Then the week after I have my 2nd week of camp that goes from 4pm-10pm and that lasts throughout Saturday. And the week after camp is finished is seven school starts. So I'm sorry if I'll be inactive I'll just have a lot of things to get done. I would like to get settled I'm school before starting my edits back up again. I apologize that I'll be inactive for so long.

On another note, I said that camp will last basically through August 3rd but I lied, well kinda? So I'm supposed to be there on the 3rd but instead.........IM GOING TO THE WHY DONT WE SUMMER TOUR CONCERT AHHHHHH. So I'll try and get lots of photos to post on here! Btw let me know if ur going to the August 3rd show, maybe we can meet up?

Oof another paragraph to read😂 but I promise it's the last one. And frfr be honest bc it won't hurt my feelings😂 Do you guys still want the book I'm writing posted or not? Bc I'm still writing I just don't know if you guys are interested. Like why keep writing if nobodies gonna read it right😂 so let me know if you wanna see the next part.

That's it my loves. Hope you all have a great day. Much love, Jordan❤
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