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#freetoedit #gachalife #gacha #oc (upgrade) this is John! He is the prince of (insert fantasy kingdom name here) and he is to fall in love with somebody (hehe ùwú) named Adam. There is a lot more to him than meets the eye, because John will soon find out about his bio mother, and her past. She was blessed with the ability to wield (spelling¿) mental magic when she was younger (basically allowing her to control the mind of innocent victims, I’m a little indecisive about this) however, she decided to use this magic for evil things. John enherited this magic. He has the ability to wield fire, almost like a toy, however (this is a little undecided) the fire he wields is a dark grey/black color. This is because there was darkness that was enherited with his mother’s magic. He is genetically, and spiritually, connected with his mother. His heart is pure and kind enough to mentally block out this darkness, but not completely. The fire he posesses will change colors depending on his mother’s energy. (I will add more if I come up with nore to add, but for now, here are a few fun facts

•he gay boi
•Adam, teh persons he falls in love with, is teh new butler (meif’wa) (22 years old)
•He 24 years
•His mother was NEVER brought up when her grew up
•He does not know about his powers until later on
•he befriends one of the maids named Melizza (werewolf, Aaron Lycan werewolf, not like the whole transformation at night thing) who is bullied by the others. John and Adam defend her and befriend her
•Adam’s “element” (like John’s is fire) is nature, Melizza is water, new oc Kai (orange boi) can communicate with animals, Charity (yellow girl) can weild light, and Quinn (purple nb pal) is mentally powerful, but can’t directly control people

#remixed from @freetoedit