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drawing tears practice Image by razzie :)

•pls read
update :)

(yes that is my real signature so please do not claim this as yours.)

first off i know this isn’t good at all but i was practicing tears and i ended up drawing a full eye(i haven’t drawn in over a year so please don’t judge. it’s really bad)

secondlyyy i’m working on my second last request. it’s an experiment and i’m excited to share it with you guys once it’s finished :) (can you guys what kind of edit it’s going to be?)

and a lil life update bc i can sjsks

i started school on monday so my days have been hectic and very tiring so i haven’t been able to keep my eyes open long enough to edit 😬

i was going to say more but i forgot lol

last thing sjsk please join my contest :) it ends august 24th!

i hope you guys had/ have a good day 😊💘💖💖

[t a g s💫]
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