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~ HAPPY JUNGKOOK DAY !!!!!! Already 22 years old. I cant believe it. He has grown up so fast. We’ve seen him grow up and change, going from little kookie to bad guy Jungkook (?). I mean, just look at the lastest photo of him we have and take one of their fansign during their rookie time. You know what I mean. I wish him an incredible day and a lot of love. By the way, have you all heard that song he produced??? Just. Wow. May he rest well during his way well deserve break and enjoy what is it to be 22 and have not that much responsibilities (i mean, he’s on a break so he’s kinda free from the showcases, concerts and all those kind of responsibilities, for now)
We love you Jungkook

생일축해요 전 정국 , 방탄소년단 화금 막내 (???)

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Idol : Jeon Jungkook ( BTS )

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Song I would recommend you to listen :

• Euphoria - BTS
• Only then - Jungkook cover
• 이런 엔딩 (ending scene) - Jungkook
{yes this is basically a jungkook playlist}
• 2U - Justin Bieber OR Jeon Jungkook cover
• I Miss You - Julia Michaels, Clean Bandit
• I Warned Myself - Charlie Puth
• IF YOU - BigBang

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Jungkook : @/serenetae & @/taintedbby Bubbles : @/teatea-221
Cherry blossoms : @/teatea-221
Font : @/midknightflames
Signature : @/hharuyah

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