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Today is EXO’s Lay birthday so I decided to make an edit. I’m in a hugeeee mood for editing today so thats why I made this edit. It took me about a good 2 hours to do this due to like how many times I messed up and had to restart it. For this edit, I used Yixing’s favorite colors, purple and black, and of course made it a soft edit! For the Spotify thing, I basically made a random playlist called “Happy Birthday Zhang Yixing (Lay”, put only Monster because it’s a bop, and took a screen shot of it. Now for the song title, I found the closest color to the background to erase the “Monster” title and re-titled it as “Happy Birthday Lay”. Honestly, this boy is just the cutest thing ever. His deep dimples and his smile is what makes me “Uwu” and adore him! He’s not my bias, since it’s Kyungsoo, but he’s really a huge squishy boy🥺. I love every single thing about him that I really can’t explain. I really hope that Yixing has an amazing birthday and that he has fun with the members or with his family. Hopefully Kai and Baekhyun will greet him since they’re in America for SuperM promotions. Exo-Ls will hope for the best for our boys and I hope that he remains healthy, happy, and goofy and as always: Happy birthday honey and Exo-Ls love you!!~🥺🎂💙

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#remixed from @kim_sarangi_khan , @baeko95
➻ 𝑩𝒂𝒆𝒌𝒐 ꧉ٌ
Layy 😭👆🏻♥️