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btsjimin jimin Image by madison with luv πŸ’œ

heres a lil lockscreen for uuu πŸ₯° happy late late bday jiminie!! my angel πŸ₯ΊπŸ’œ

omg guys life has been so hectic lately 😳 i recently started working at michaels craft store which is fun!! but my hours are literally all over the place and not consistent at all which is not fun!! but im happy to be making money haha :’)

and im also in the middle of applying to colleges and scholarships and everything which is so confusing andlike what am i supposed to be doing!?? lmaooo but its fine im getting through it somehow :’) i have to raise my sat score by at Least 50 points so im really hoping that all of the studying ive been doing is helping :’’’’)))

aand ive been selling a lot of art related projects lately which has been keeping be busy too :’) sorry for rambling on i just wanted to give a littlw update to u guys if ur interested! haha imma go to bed now its like 11:30 and way past my bed time:’)
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