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I know I keep posting Image by 🍂Autumn🍂

I know I keep posting things about my breakup and I’m sorry if that annoys you but guys it HURTS I was with her for almost 10 months, she’s helped me through so much it’s unbelievable. She was the only reason I had the strength to get up in the morning, do you know how easy it is to live knowing that someone cares about you? I miss waking up to gn texts from her because she always goes to bed super late, I miss being able to argue with her over who’s cuter, I miss our playful arguments about music and which artist is a better singer/songwriter. I miss having someone to hug me in between every class and automatically notice when I’m having a bad day and the way she would look at me, her eyes are so pretty and I just want her back. I miss waiting at the front of the school in the morning for her and hugging her when she walked in I miss having a reason to get out of class as soon as I could to run to her locker and tell her about the funny things that happened to me and listening to her do the same. I miss those little moments when I got to see her even when I wasn’t supposed to be out with her I miss everything about her and I want her back so bad. It’s selfish but I can’t imagine her being with anybody else, I know we broke up for her to get her mind back together and help herself to where she can be in the condition to get back in a relationship but this breakup only tore me into pieces and made me pick at every piece of my self-worth, it only hurt me but she seems like she’s happy but she’s happy without me. My friends are all supportive saying she wasn’t worth it but SHE IS if she would’ve been in the right state of mind to carry out the relationship I would’ve been so much happier with her because she would’ve been able to give me the attention I needed and put more work into the relationship. If I had just waited for her to be okay I wouldn’t be in this position. My friends are all concerned about me because I’ve been shaking and breaking down in almost every class and have been pulled aside by two teachers already, I haven’t been able to eat much because every time I try to eat my emotions get in the way and I feel sick. I want to feel okay just for once and I want an hour long hug but the only person I want that hug from tore my heart into pieces. I’m sorry for the really long rant but that just needed to come off my chest and even though it still hurts so much I’m forever thankful for all of my irl and online friends who have helped me through this you guys will never know how much you mean to me.

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