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Jungkook • p u r p l e m a g i c • Image by DYNAMITE

• p u r p l e m a g i c • [J.JK]

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- im sorryyyy for not being active ~_~

- iM alMosT aT 2K !!

- why does this edit look like a wattpad cover-

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Today i woke up and started my inspiring youth ( a project at school ) along with my BTS journal. Then i started my letter for my internet best friend/pen pal and im still working on it.
I haven't done much and neither have i done my homework yet- oOps- and its almost 8:30 pm SKSKSKKS- i'll start it tomorrow ;-;
Atleast i have no school on Friday??
But then the week after that i have exams-
Anywayyyyy rEqUesTTtt iN tHe cOmmEnTtsssss-
Damn- my friend just texted me-
See you guys laterrRrrRr!!


🍌🍼 b a n a n a m i l k
#bts #Jungkook