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Real Image by leaving...for now at least

#freetoedit Real Love? Season 2 pt 5 Tag List @jayden_besson @dubcak-25 @lilchicken_06 @ @itzjustsophie @bad_bloodline @yallitsemma @limelight_aaliyah
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“And what Jules?! What happened?!”
“I-I realized that Daniel Doesn’t love me anymore like you said he’s moved on.”
“Juliana,Are you saying that because you guys fought?! He loves you!”
“No. No he doesn’t. He didn’t wait for me to get my memory back like everyone else did. He didn’t believe That I would get my memory back since it was only a small chance that I would get it back. He ran off to get a NEW girlfriend. He just left me. Don’t you see it gabbie?! He doesn’t love me and no one can convince me he does,especially not him.”
“Gabbie it’s fine.”
“No, it’s not fine Jules you guys were one of the best couples. He loves yo-“
“Stop! please.” I pleaded for her not to finish her sentence and Just let it be. Gabbie finally stopped and we both just sat in the hospital bed and talked. I saw how big Lavender was getting so we started talking about her. Suddenly I got hungry. It was 11:00 but I didn’t care.
“So are you hungry? Cause I want a snack.”
“Oh! That reminds me.” She reached into the diaper bag and got a bottle for lavender(?) and got a plate that was covered in tin foil.”
“here Juliana! I was going to give this to you tomorrow but I wanted to give it to you today. “
“What is it?”
“Food. 😂
“What type of food 😂
“it’s your favorite dessert!”
“Omg I love you gabbie! “
She smiled. I tore the tin foil and saw a big piece of chocolate cake. Both Gabbie and I love it.
“Gabbie come here I know you want some.”
“You know me well.”
(Just to say I do t if Gabbie even likes chocolate cake but whatever)
#remixed from @limelight_wdw_2007