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bts yoongi neon kpop Image by ~ Joonie Edits ~

BTS Min Yoongi SEVEN DEADLY SINS “Greed” Edit 💰🖤💙❤️

So this may be alittle hard to interpret, but i tried to not just make it about money, one because it looked awful and cringy
So i went with with a gold coat, but because he has dipped his hand into greed his skin and surrrondings are corrupted and disgusting, but his “expensive” and beautiful coat even looks awful now because of his sin
I hope that makes sense, i know this edit is alot diffrent but i love the dark and the colours 🖤

Who I Picked Based On The Blood Sweat Tears MV: Suga

Suga represents greed in this MV, but his greed is not directed towards things. It is directed towards a person, Jimin (Yoomin stans are falling out of their seats right now lol 🥰😂🖤). Yeah I do believe that there is a significant relationship between Yoongi and Jimin is this MV although I cannot say if it is or isn't romantic. As I said in the “Sloth” edit with Seokjin (If you read that one) 🖤⭐

Regardless my theory is that Yoongi is the only one of the members that know that Jimin is an angel. And throughout the MV he is actively trying to distract Jimin from focusing on his charges (RM&JK). Yoongi is greedy for Jimin's time and care. Notice that Yoongi presents the idea of the blindfold and blindfolds Jimin himself.
Also Yoongi tries desperately to cover Jimin's eyes in the video even from the opening scene.
This is because Yoongi doesn't want the others to see Jimin cry in color which would be a dead give away to the others of Jimin's true self.

Jimin obviously trusts him and allows Yoongi to lead him astray until he too is corrupted.
Please go watch the MV i promise this will make more sense 😂🖤🖤

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I realsied i havent listed some sources ive been using to help me get information of the sins and lore in the mv i didnt notice 🖤🖤

https://www.bibleinfo.com/en/questions/what-are-seven-deadly-sins #envy https://aminoapps.com/c/btsarmy/page/blog/bts-as-the-7-deadly-sins/kwr5_GwXhGuRBrLnkvp2ejM5bal46xpGn6
https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_deadly_sins #freetoedit