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blue avengers wallpaper Image by Wallpaper+Asthetic

Gabriela is typing... 💕💕

Ok so first of all yeah i know i do post A LOT but it’s just cuz i’m so flipping bored like my family don’t go out and when they do it’s too boring ass places like today i was dragged along to church for our town get together and seriously ? i just hang around at the back w this boy called Miles who was hella cute but you know we exchanged numbers so 😏🤞🏼

As for this edit, again here’s me making edits for shi i know NOTHING about ask my brother about avengers if anything lmao it’s the only thing he knows ffs ! anyway this is a cute lock screen/home screen so yeah say SS in the comments if u screenshotted this pls and thanks x

#freetoedit #blue #avengers #wallpaper #lockscreen #homescreen #remix #marvels #aesthetic #phone #cute