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Welcome to SHEILD! You will now be Image by Gone 💔

Welcome to SHEILD! You will now be given an exclusive tour of the area!

Well, I’m sure that you are here for a reason! Probably trying to get employed, aren’t you? Well, we’ll have to show you around before you make that decision!

-Tony Stark’s picture: Like
-Black Widow’s autograph: Comment
-Meet Spider-Man: Repost

Well let me show you the research we have done on the infinity stones!

-The space stone~Character/Celeb~ Oliver Wood
-The reality stone~Type of edit~ Pantone edit
-The power stone~time taken~ 15 minutes
-The mind stone~what I think of this~ umm 2/5
-The time stone~collab/contest~ No
-The soul stone~last song listened to~ lose you to love me by Selena Gomez

Alright let’s move on to the next part of the tour! After all the reason we’re here is to give you a tour of the place!

I assure you, if you decide to join SHEILD you will most certainly not regret your decision! When joining SHEILD you shall learn the most magnificent things!

Ahh, here he is, Nicholas Joseph Fury, the most paranoid man in the universe! Well, I suppose I should explain more about him! Director Fury is a world-renowned spy, founder of the Avengers and as you now know, the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D! I wish I could tell you more but I’m afraid I haven’t been told the full story. Perhaps if you join you’ll get to know more about Director Fury!

Oh my! Look at the time! We’ve been here for quite some time now! But before you leave there are a few more things I would like to mention:

Like I mentioned before I made a new description with the help of @bibliophile28 And I love how it turned out! Tysm Hailey!

Thank you very much for visiting! We do hope you consider working with SHEILD!

Employee we don’t deserve: @callie_daya_gracefan
Our Employees: ~No Tag List for this~

Have you made it down here?
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