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public park benches Image by Post_it_Zike!!

#public #park #benches #daylightsavings took on 3 of feb when no one there peaceful day overall seems no one notices fine details in hide-out spots.. I had hoped to have this finished by today, but I was slammed with two migraines this week, and both knocked me out for a full day after. I also found out last week that I'm at very high risk for a detached retina in my left eye. Soap stuff I have a lot of problems with my eyes, including astigmatism in both, yvisual snow that keeps me from driving at night, really bad vision (-10.5 in my left, -6 in my right), plus muscle weaknesses in both eyes that make them look lazy. Plus, all the straining I do with my eyeballs gives me chronic headaches. Any way wot get over tonight hopefully update you when can love L x #love2Love