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I wrote a lil text for these five lil beanies so there you go. And it's sorted by Album AND alphabet. So it's starting with up all night, take me home, midnight memories, four and made in the a.m.. and then it starts with the songs that start with A and goes alphabetical down. Thank you, excuse my English.

Dear 1D


I wish you were together as ONE DIRECTION now because I have a lot of things to tell you. I wish you knew that you take me to ANOTHER WORLD every time I hear your songs. It seems like EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU puts happiness in my heart and a smile on my face. I don't wanna lose you cause it's GOTTA BE YOU and your music all the time. I WANT you to know that I WISH you knew that if I would have a date with any of you I definitely won't kiss you. But what if I actually wanted to and I'll be thinking later: Fuck, I SHOULD HAVE KISSED YOU!

Even if you're split up these MOMENTS will stay forever and much MORE THAN THIS because Directioners are the most strongest fanbase on the planet. When I heard your music for the first time it hit me and I didn't know the lyrics so I was just like: NA NA NA! Like you sometimes when you forget the text on stage. You're that ONE THING that I need all the time. And look: I'm making all the SAME MISTAKES and write to you, but you don't even exist as a band anymore! But I'm honest with you: I care. I care for your health, how you are and I wanna care for you, I wanna SAVE YOU TONIGHT even if I can't. But you five little beanies STOLE MY HEART from the first sight on and now it's TAKEN. And you won't give it back to me, won't you? You will? No, you TELL ME A LIE, don't you? I knew it before...
I wish you knew that you keep me UP ALL NIGHT with worrying about you and all that and listening to your music. And WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL is just simply everything. From looks to character from names to accents and from voices to songs, everything. If you would reunite I would definitely go BACK FOR YOU wherever you are. No one can CHANGE MY MIND about you, so C'MON C'MON and give me a HEART ATTACK as much as you'd like to. Because I would, I WOULD take it on me, as long as I can see you. So let me KISS YOU please, it would be my LAST FIRST KISS. It's those LITTLE THINGS that I love about us as a family. Just that we stay true to ourselves and LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG. And let me tell you, 1D, something: I truly LOVED YOU FIRST but then I realized how I love you. I don't love you as kinda imaginary boyfriends but as family members, cause NOBODY COMPARES to you. And you could break me all OVER AGAIN. I'm not lying as long as you reunite you can just ROCK ME forever. And I would love to make you think of me like: "wow, SHE'S NOT AFRAID!" because I'm really not! You're STILL THE ONE for me not only as a SUMMER LOVE and if someone hates our 1D family: THEY DON'T KNOW ABOUT US! we're gonna defeat them ONE WAY OR ANOTHER with our TEENAGE KICKS. And guys you should know that you're my favourite idiots in the world and you make me feel ALIVE. To me all of your songs are your BEST SONG EVER and listening to you is so much BETTER THAN WORDS. Even if I'm not DIANA I still wonder: DOES HE KNOW? I mean that you wrote her a song? Anyways I wanna say: please, and especially for each of you and not only you as a group but you as individuals: DON'T FORGET WHERE YOU BELONG! I'm just HALF A HEART without you and definitely more HAPPILY when I'm with you. Even if I don't have a LITTLE BLACK DRESS or could tell you LITTLE WHITE LIES cause I could never lie to you, I'd love to make some really cool MIDNIGHT MEMORIES with you at one of your shows. But maybe it's too much to ask for SOMETHING GREAT and the STORY OF MY LIFE will end without you. But you make me feel STRONG anyways and the messages of your songs will always find their way to me, TROUGH THE DARK. So I hope you'll think: "WHY DON'T WE GO THERE?" again and reunite so YOU & I can finally meet at a concert. RIGHT NOW I wish you were here with me so bad...

I'm not even nearly 18 so I ask you to ACT MY AGE please and maybe you could CHANGE YOUR TICKET and fly straight through the CLOUDS to me. Your long lasting break is a real FIREPROOF for us because we love you, you're our FOOLS GOLD. When I listen to songs like strong or drag me down I kinda always feel like GIRL ALMIGHTY. Since I'm a (very proud) directioner I wake up every single day with the hope that you weren't an ILLUSION because the NIGHT CHANGES so fast. If I'd go on a ticket sell shop and there would be a sign saying: "ONE DIRECTION - THE REUNION TOUR!" I would have NO CONTROL and buy tickets because this only happens ONCE IN A LIFETIME. I'd definitely be READY TO RUN as fast as I can to stand more in the front to see you even though there would still be SPACES between us. One of my wishes if this happens is that you're gonna play STEAL MY GIRL because I just love the song, but also STOCKHOLM SYNDROME (*baby look what you've - OH! Baby look what you've done to me - OH!*)

Moving on to a sad, very sad, topic... Ringo... Tell me WHERE DO BROKEN HEARTS GO? Because I'm pretty sure you are one, a broken heart. Why won't you stay til the A.M? That you left got me crying so much and it still does now! You DRAG ME DOWN. But at the END OF THE DAY the only thing I'll ever say to you is HEY ANGEL when we meet in Heaven... And you'll definitely not only remain in my HISTORY but mainly in 1D's and the music's. IF I COULD FLY I'd straight away fly to you and who knows, maybe I can in INFINITY? And I like writing poetry and poems which is one of the reasons that I WANT TO WRITE YOU A SONG. But until all of this can happen it's a LONG WAY DOWN so for now: LOVE YOU GOODBYE...

Going back to the kinda positive side of your "historical drama" I can say that it's NEVER ENOUGH for me to only hear and see you separately and on a screen so I had the idea to just quickly ask OLIVIA oh no - I mean Siri, if you'll come back... She said yes! Wow, future seems PERFECT! Knowing that is a very optimistic and good TEMPORARY FIX for my soul. And as long I'll be WALKING IN THE WIND, wow WHAT A FEELING to feel the fresh air in my lungs! Wait... Over there in the forest right in front of me... Aren't this WOLVES?

Anyways I wanna thank you guys, thank you HAZZA AKA HAROLD AKA HARRY, thank you NIALLER AKA NIALL, thank you PAYNO AKA LIAM, thank you TOMMO AKA LOUIS and a massive thank you goes to RINGO AKA ZAYN. I love you guys, forever!
Thank you DIRECTIONERS I mean I'm in a lot of fandoms but you are one of the most caring and cute one's I've ever been in! We'll never forget Kevin, the video diaries, all of your iconic phrase, the endlessly fan projects, Louis' red pants, superman. We'll never forget all the shippings. We'll never forget San Siro, your book "Who we are", your movie "This is us" and the 1D day. We'll never forget up all night, take me home, midnight memories, four and made in the A.M. We'll never forget your auditions on the X-Factor stage. We will never forget YOU!


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