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horses ponies equine Image by I love my followers 💕

Throwback to when I got the amazing chance to ride and jump a national showjumping horse when I was 9-10 🤩. She was my friends pony but she asked me to ride her a few times to get her listening and responding to rider aids as she was a very strong mare and my friend was very small and not very strong 😊. Jennifer is currently still owned by my friend but she plans to sell her soon as Jen is just too strong for her 😣. I will miss Jen as she is not a bad horse, she just needs a strong and determined rider to get her up to her best performing level 🏆. I would buy Jen as a project showjumping horse but she is a bit too small for me and I would grow out of her very quickly ☹️. (P.S the reason why the jump is so small is that this was my first time riding her and I didn’t want to go straight into jumping a 90cm course 😂) 💕 #horses #ponies #equine #equestrian #national #international #show #showing #showjumping #collage #fun #selling #sad #missher #jen #friendspony