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✨σρєи!✨ ❝hey guys. since Image by offline


❝hey guys. since the comments have been disabled, I can’t read any of your username ideas! I still wanna change my username so for now, I’ve decided to change it to @wildflcwer (I got the idea from isabella tjandra on youtube) so if I’m on your tag list please change it. everyone who did give me a username idea, (I did write down the people) will get a follow and a like spam. ❞

creds to @aesthetic__account for the background

σтнєя α¢¢συитѕ
♥︎ @ravenclawdreamer (main account)
♥︎ @tinamiaravenclaw (collab account)

тαgℓιѕт @heartbreakxweather @-sunnystardust- @multipalasleygold76 @shadowolfgacha @bestfriends2020 @remember_us @potterhead_eilishfan @konstantinaravenclaw @celebrities13 @randomedits07 @nickisniche @haliyahbello @wolvesofnight @peachpeachqueen @-brooke-baby-gurll- @foreverpuppiesy1 @aestheticc @maithaarif45 @bvillieez @kayladayes @summervibing @catcof @theslytherinquenn_94 @nocapaesthetic @vscoworld08
Dm ✨to be added
Dm 🔥to be removed
Dm ☁️ if I forgot you
Dm 🌈 if you changed your username
#usernamechange #freetoedit