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A piece for all the Image by pandaperfect77

#freetoedit A piece for all the female actors/charecters/and actors that played the charecter. If u would like to know why they’re here I’ve listed it.
Hermionie/Emma Watson-Taught me I can be smart and pretty, It’s not one or the other
Ginny/Bonnie Wright-Taught me that I am allowed to fight for what I believe in and taught me female power.
The Schuyler sisters and the actresses that play them-Taught me that your gender does not define who you are in life and thateveryone needs a bestfriend like Angelica, a heart like Eliza, and awareness like Peggy.
Mulan-Taught me that I can be a warrior and it doesn’t matter what people think.
Pocahontas-Taught me that everything and everyone has value.
Luna Lovegood-Taught me it’s okay to be diffrent.
Glinda and Elphaba and the actresses-Taught me that your past doesn’t define you. That I can be beautiful and love fancy things, but still be smart.
Most importantly my mom already taught me all of this. I see her in all these charecters.
#remixed from @luna__lovegood , @joselynarias4 , @stranger_acc_11 , @koopdouglas11 , @_srta_di_angelo_ , @liligone015 , @hermione_edit , @indeleble