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... Image by Quitted acc, stayed up for the memories.

Got this from my friend, @itspandaalex789 in our group chat :/
Why are people like this?
Like, what's the point?
Why would you bully others just because you have a good pet? (Adopt me players)
Literally it's so stupid.
Don't do that.
Even for content, likes, whatever.
It messes with people's feelings, and can cause issues.
Like how I said me and Alex just broke with our old friend, JM.
She was a gold digger, a toxic person, and if she didn't get what she wanted, she'd lock is out of her house, leave the family, ignore us, etc. (Adopt me players would know) and we literally unfriended her yesterday night. And, imagine how painful that is. Alex was affected by JM the most. JM asked Alex for a lot. And, if I was with JM, all she'd talk about is Alex. I'm non existentant. I'm her doll to talk to about Alex's riches. And, we just escaped and now this? Seriously? Not cool. #freetoedit :/
#remixed from @ivanatanis