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txtedit yeonjun kpop edit Image by Georgia // πŸ₯

-Λ‹β‚ŠΛš.πŸ‘ πŸ₯•β€§β‚ŠΒ° ο’”
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β‚β‚πŸŠβ‚Žβ‚Ž κ’° ❛ Yeonjun ❜ κ’±

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I feel like I really relate to this song on a very personal level. I’ve never really spoken about my anxiety on hear before. I seem like a very nice and outgoing person but really, even my closest friends don’t know, I have terrible anxiety which also comes along with ocd. The lyric β€œmy friends don’t understand me anymore” I could really relate to. I never do anything with my friends anymore (not just because of the pandemic) and some of them don’t understand. I even almost had a friend pressure me into taking anxiety meds to control it. So when I listen to this song I just kinda feel like I’m not alone. Like there’s other people out there who are hiding there feelings.

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