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editorsx101 seventeen joshua Image by bye byeee

060320 β€’ | Hong Jisoo (please read 😳)

── ♀
when i started this account, i really wasn't intending for it to grow, like at all 🀑
but over the years, i've interacted with some incredible people and editors which could've never happened without the support and opportunities i've received on here 🀧 thank you πŸ˜­πŸ™πŸΌ

despite me being being excited to reach yet another milestone, with the condition of our world, i don't think it's time to celebrate :/
i honestly thought humanity wouldn't continue degrading but guess who was wrong :D
is equality really that hard ;(

anyways, sorry for being so inactive 😳 i'm very disappointed with myself πŸ˜” this edit is an entry into #editorsx101 @rejects101 ❣
i realized this round's theme was to well do our best but this is probably one of my worst 🀑

requested by @peachykevin πŸ’—
once again sorry for the delay 😳 but feel free to dm me if you'd like a redo 🀠

𝘡𝘒𝘨𝘴 #kpop #seventeen #joshua #joshuahong #seventeenjoshua