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READ 👇 why is Image by 𝓐.🐼💟|ᴛʜᴇʏ/ᴛʜᴇᴍ

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why is everyone leaving...because of hate? They've been hacked? Fake friends?

Let me tell ya something life isn't easy, it never will be...everyone has problems i know that but you gotta stand strong. I mean you've come so far, you've made friends who care about you... If you have a fake friend or you think they're fake.. Block them and remove them from your life..make new friends with new memories. Haters, i completely understand getting hate...i almost left myself yesterday..i told only one GC this, but i almost deleted my account 3 times this morning and im not saying this for attention, im saying that you gotta stay strong. Hackers....message to hackers: you're truly disgusting, ruining people's achievements and making them feel like shit... Don't leave, stand strong show them you don't give a shit about their actions

My point being is that life is going to throw you shit but you gotta fight it and those who have already..i admire you all the way

Ok sorry i needed to vent...call me a bitch or whatever but that's my opinion